The Board oversees and assists in the running of the Centre, proposes themes for research and workshops, and takes other steps necessary for achieving the aims of the Centre.

The Board meets at least twice a year at the ESA headquarters or at any other place as decided by the Board. Members of the Board bear their own costs. The Board reports on its activities to ESA at least once a year, and to the ECSECO Members at least at each General Meeting of members.

Structure of the board (in accordance with Article 5.2 of the Charter)

The Board is composed of 7 members:

  • Two members are ESA staff members appointed by the Director General of ESA; and
  • Five members are elected by the General Meeting of members as per the rules governing the election of the Board.

The members of the Board elect a Chair and a vice-Chair, who act and speak on behalf of the Board towards the members of ECSECO and towards external entities.

Procedure for application (for more details, please see the Rules… in .pdf below)

  • Candidates for election to the Board are invited to form lists composed of five individuals, who all meet the criteria (incl. 10 years of professional experience) outlined in the Rules…. The composition of the lists should, to the greatest extent possible, be representative of the variety of backgrounds of the members of ECSECO (e.g., academia, private sector, space agencies) and of the nationalities of the members of ECSECO. The composition of the lists should also strive to achieve gender balance.
  • For each list, the following information should be submitted to the Secretariat:
    • The names and CVs of the five candidates;
    • A signed statement by each candidate confirming their application; and
    • A joint statement from the five candidates outlining the reasons for the application and the programme they propose for the Board of ECSECO.
  • The deadline for the submission of the information is 15 October 2023.
  • Afterwards, the Secretariat will review the lists submitted to it and approve those that meet the criteria summarised above.
  • The Secretariat will then share the approved lists, together with the information provided, with the members of ECSECO at the latest on 30 October 2023.


Election of the Board

  • Each member of ECSECO allowed to vote and physically present at the General Meeting of Members will be invited to cast five separate votes for individual candidates running under the lists approved by the Secretariat. Members of ECSECO are encouraged to vote for candidates of a same list but are not obliged to do so.
  • The five candidates receiving the highest number of votes at the General Meeting will be elected.
  • The term of the elected members of the Board will start on 1 January 2024 and end on 31 December 2026.

Rules governing election and activities of ECSECO

December 01 2023

General Meeting of Members 2023

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