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Join the interdisciplinary network which connects individuals from the private sector, public institutions, international organisations and academia. By joining ECSECO you will become a part of a vibrant community which fosters European collaboration toward the further development of the space sector.

Participate in a variety of exclusive events
Collaborate with experts from different backgrounds
Contribute to space economy research
Influence the development of the sector
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Pillars of ECSECO


Create a unique community

An exclusive platform for ECSECO members

Engage in interdisciplinary networking

Regular events to engage with the community

Stay up-to-date

Regular information about the latest developments


Contribute to space economy and commerce research

Collaboration with experts from different backgrounds

Attend exlusive events

Conferences, practitioners days and more

Participate in working groups & studies

Meetings and dedicated workshops


Identify and anticipate trends

Analysis of space economy and commerce facts

Influence the development of the sector

Elaboration of joint positions and recommendations

Provide inputs to European decision-makers

Outreach towards public and private stakeholders


Mentor the next generation

Mentoring program for students and young professionals

Assess innovative ideas and projects

Jury based competitions and contests

Share expertise, train and educate

Summer schools, workshops, etc.

Secretariat and other organs

The Secretariat of ECSECO is managed by the European Space Agency (ESA) with support from the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) and is hosted in the premises of the Institute in Vienna, Austria.

A General Meeting of members is convened every three years. At the General Meeting, the members examine the orientation of the Centre’s activities and questions related to the future of the Centre, and elect the members of the Board.

The Board oversees and assists in the running of the Centre, proposes themes for research and workshops, and takes other steps necessary to achieve the aims of the Centre.

Message from Géraldine Naja

Géraldine Naja, Director of Commercialisation, Industry and Competitiveness (D/CIC), welcomes you to the European Centre for Space Economy and Commerce

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ECSECO will offer a wide range of activities such as workshops, networking events, working groups, collaborative research, competitions and many more. Activities of ECSECO are subject to the decisions of the Board and draw on the expertise of the members. The list is open and members are invited to put forward new initiatives!