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Spring School on Space Commercialisation and Start-ups (23-24 May, Bari, Italy) and Global Space Economic Workshop (25-26 May, Mesagne, Italy)

2023 ECSECO Spring School on Space Commercialisation and Start-ups was a joint initiative of Politecnico di Bari and ECSECO. In the academic year 2022-2023, a PhD course on Space Commercialisation was held at Politecnico di Bari by Prof. Ing. Luca del Monte, Head of the Commercialisation Department at the European Space Agency. The final session of the course took place on 23-24 May in Bari and was opened to ECSECO Members to offer you the opportunity to participate in this publicly non-available event.

Over these two days, attendees engaged in interactive lectures and follow a start-up pitch competition. The event officially launched with the opening remarks by:

Prof. Francesco Cupertino

Rector of Politecnico di Bari

Luca del Monte

Head of Commercialisation Department at the European Space Agency

Prof. Vito Albino

Politecnico di Bari, President of ARTI, and Chair of the ECSECO Transition Committee

The lectures will include presentations by:

Stella Tkatchova

Programme Manager for Space at the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency

Laurent Vieira de Mello

Former Chief Operating Officer at Astrocast

Sara Garino

Analyst at the Italian Parliament

Guillaume de la Brosse

Head of Unit at Directorate-general DEFIS

Fabrizio Morgera

Senior Investment Officer at the European Investment Bank

Victor Ertl

Lead Business Development & Marketing at The Exploration Company

Gianluigi Baldesi

Commercialisation Officer at the European Space Agency

Furthermore, the final round of the ESA Payloads Masters start-up competition took place during the Spring School. The attendees listened live to the pitches by the finalists, two of whom won the opportunity to fly their payloads/microgravity experiments on board of Nyx for the “Mission Possible” mission. Read more about the winners and finalists.

Finally, some of the members of ECSECO continued their Space Economy and Commerce experience at the Global Space Economic Workshop organised on 25-26 May in Mesagne (1,5h from Bari) by Distretto Tecnologico Aerospaziale. You can read more about the event on:  https://www.dtascarl.org/en/the-global-space-economic-workshop/ ECSECO was not involved in organisation of this event, however, we received a pool of free tickets which we distributed among our members.

Part of the pictures in the gallery courtesy of Politecnico di Bari and BINP.

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