Annual Space Economy Days 2024

Hosted by ECSECO Members only

The Space Economy Days 2024 will be the first edition of an annual event for the ECSECO community to learn and reflect on specific space economy trends and research areas.

The event is postponed to January 2024. The exact days will be announced closer to the event.

Following the exchanges with ECSECO members at the first General Meeting of the Members in November 2022, the first edition will be focusing on two essential topics in the domain the access and uptake of space economy data in Europe and the choice, applicability, and relevance of methodologies.

The first day will focus on primary data sources that provide measures of the European space economy, building on the different perspectives on needs and data gaps identified by the ECSECO members, with the objective to work on a way forward and potential actions for the ECSECO community.

The second day will focus on relevant methodological approaches to measure the European space economy, addressing different methodologies, with the objective to work on a way forward and potential actions for the ECSECO community.

To make this event most relevant to the ECSECO members, an online survey was conducted in spring 2023. The outcomes will be a basis to prepare the content to be discussed over the two days.

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