Annual Space Economy Days 2024

Hosted by ECSECO Members only

The Space Economy Days 2024 were the first edition of an annual event for the ECSECO community to learn and reflect on specific space economy trends and research areas.

The first ECSECO Space Economy Days : A Remarkable Event for Space Economy in Europe

The ECSECO Space Economy Days, held on 16 and 17 January 2024 in Paris, were a fantastic opportunity for the ECSECO community to come together and discuss the fundamentals of the space economy.

Over the two days, ECSECO members engaged in a series of sessions led by top experts and practitioners in space economy in Europe and gained unprecedented insight into how space economy is measured and what is behind the most referenced figures on space economy. Keynote speakers provided unique views into the current state and future potential development of the space economy.

The event was also a great occasion to network and interact with the European space economy community and fostered discussions and potential future collaborations.

The first edition of the ECSECO Space Economy Days set high standards for the future edition of this annual event and ECSECO is looking forward to welcoming members again next year with a brand-new edition of the Space Economy Days. ECSECO members who missed the event can download the materials from the members area of the website.

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